Message from Sister Jayanti Following the Terrorist Attack in Manchester

Terrorist attack in Manchester, UK May 2017
Message from Sister Jayanti
European Director, Brahma Kumaris

We join millions of people around the country and around the world in sending thoughts of sympathy and peace to those directly affected by the terrorist attack on Monday evening in Manchester.

We are, in fact, all affected. And, wherever we are, whoever we are, we can – through our thoughts – offer support and healing at this time. Our loving and peaceful thoughts can contribute in creating an atmosphere of trust, belonging and hope. By keeping compassion and courage in our thinking and in our hearts, others are inspired to experience their own courage and compassion.

When we nurture our own values and inner strengths, and express these in our lives, we empower ourselves and others. Every human being has the right to dignity and respect based on a loving and honest relationship with the self, with God and as part of one human family.

We invite you to spend some time every day in reflective silence. With a mind and heart that are quiet, calm and loving, we can send gentle waves of courage and compassion to the whole world. Together, with everyone’s co-operation, we can help create an atmosphere of peace in the world.

Om shanti | I am peace

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