Gandhi on Jesus

Prof. Harvey Cox
Hollis Research Professor of Divinity
Harvard University

Cox presents us with an overview of Gandhi’s view of religions other than his own. Gandhi’s inclusive attitude towards these religions manifests both in attitude towards and in study of religious texts and rituals of a variety of world religions. Cox describes the way in which Gandhi came to adopt this attitude towards world religions. He tells stories as to the way in which Gandhi was perceived and perceived himself as having an almost metaphorical connection with Jesus. According to Cox Gandhi feels a strong ideological connection with Jesus and sees him as his role model. Cox concludes with Gandhi’s attitude towards Christianity in general as an example of his attitude towards all religions.

Discussion Following the Lecture

In this discussion the faculty discuss the idea exemplified by Gandhi, when he said that there was no need for him to convert to Christianity since he already had Christianity in him. Each panelist in turn presents the attitude of his or her religion or denomination to this concept (if it exists at all). The possible syncretism that can evolve from such an acceptance is also discussed.