The Religious Genius Project

The Religious Genius Project: What is “Religious Genius”?

All religions recognize there are outstanding individuals, whose spiritual insight, presence and power by far surpass those of others. These individuals help create, define, drive, reform and inspire their traditions. They are the models who provide the basis for emulation by others and they are the ideal of the tradition in its concrete manifestation, in the lives of humans. The new category of “Religious Genius” has been developed to describe these individuals and to raise awareness of the enormous contribution their lives and teachings have made and could continue to make to towards a better world.

The category of “Religious Genius” is still under construction. Faith communities have an important role to play in constructing the category and identifying who their religious geniuses are. We invite you to be part of the work – to join us in the laboratory where we will consider “religious genius” through the eyes of the community – reversing the usual process of sharing wisdom and working from “street to scholar.”

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