An Open Letter To President Donald Trump

Mr. President,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. And I hope you find time to read it.


Mr. President,

I’m writing to you about your decision on Jerusalem. Well, I’m trying, but I can’t understand why you decided to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel when you know it won’t work. I cannot understand that you don’t realize what you’ve done? You shocked the whole world because no reasonable man in the world can understand that you don’t realize that this is not how it works. The story of Jerusalem is not a bird singing (“tweeting”). The story of Jerusalem is human sacrifice, human crying, human return, human hope, human birth, human salvation, and human ascendance to Heaven… He, who does not understand that, cannot claim to decide about the fate of Jerusalem because Jerusalem is not just a city on the Earth. Jerusalem is a city in the Heavens as well. Therefore, the decision about to whose Jerusalem is  has already been made. It has already been divinely proclaimed that Jerusalem is Dāru-l-salām (“The City of Peace”) and, thus, it belongs to all the offspring of Abraham, to all  of the sons of Ishmael and Isaac: the  Jews, the Christians and the Muslims (i.e., to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon all of them) . It can only be that way and no other way. This is the decision of the One who is the most powerful in the Heavens and on the Earth. He is the One who is Merciful and Omniscient and, thus,  He knows why Jerusalem must belong to everyone, and not only to one of Abraham’s biological and spiritual sons.


Mr. President,

If by your decision you wished to calm the zeal for Jerusalem, you have indeed made the people zealous for it now more than ever before!

If you wanted to squash the radicals with your decision, you have indeed galvanized them now to become radical more than ever!

If by your decision you intended to ensure the security of Israel, you have indeed made Israel now more insecure than before!

If you wanted to prove that you were not an anti-Semite, you have indeed shown that you are anti-Arabite, which is the same as being anti-Semite!

If you wanted by your decision to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you have indeed made it now more complicated than before!

If by your decision you intended to humiliate Muslims in the world, you have indeed wakened them up now!

If you intended to send a message to the divided Muslim leaders, you have indeed united them now!

If your decision on Jerusalem was intended to restore peace and order in the region, you have indeed destroyed that possibility now!

If you were intending to extinguish the fire in Jerusalem, you have indeed ignited it now!

If you had the intention of demonstrating that you are powerful, you have now shown that you are unable to restore peace and trust in Jerusalem! Because he who ignites the fire is not powerful today, but the powerful one is he who knows how to extinguish the fire; he who threatens to destroy another nation is not powerful, but the one who promises to save the planet Earth from nuclear destruction holds the power, and this can only be the one who has the Honest Intention, the Kind Word and the Peaceful Deed.


Mr. President,

I really cannot understand why you have touched such a place that is so sensitive with a strong heavenly presence on the Earth and earthly presence in the Heaven? And I can’t understand why you had the need to touch Jerusalem in such a reckless way in the time when the Christians are preparing to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, the son of Maryam, in Bethlehem? I can’t find any justifiable reason for that, especially after you have been  recently received with a warm reception in Riyadh like no president of America before.


Mr. President,

There are about two billion Muslims in the world today. Isn’t that reason enough to respect them just as they have shown you the respect in Riyadh even after your Islamophobic statements during your political campaign for the President of the United States? Recently, the Muslims heard one shout in Poland: – We want “Islamic Holocaust “, but those Islam-haters forget that it’s not possible to burn two billion people. It is simply not possible, as it is not possible to alienate Jerusalem from two billion Muslims, who have the right, as Jews and Christians have the right to receive the blessings via Jerusalem up to the Heaven because they are sometimes tired of sinful deeds on this planet Earth as well.


Mr. President,

I want to believe that this was just your mistake. It’s not the first one though, but I’d like it to be the last one. I want to believe in the America I knew from my days in Chicago (1981-1986), when president Ronald Reagan carried the torch of freedom against tyranny in the Soviet Union. I want to believe that the American people are capable of passing the test of democracy and human rights, the test which you have imposed on them, especially now because of the decision of Jerusalem. Indeed, America must not lose the credibility of the chief peace mediator in the Middle East. With a due respect, but Russia is not capable of take this role instead.


Mr. President,

Please, don’t be mad at me if I’ve been honest with you. I donn’t know how to be  otherwise. I hope you will understand my letter in the best of good will  and consider changing your decision about Jerusalem so that this Holy City may be available equlally to the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims so that each one of them may have the peace of mind and the blessings of Alighty God. In the spirit of these thoughts and hopes, I wish you a Merry Christmas!


Sincerely yours,

Mustafa Ceric, Ph. D. Chicago

Grand Mufti of Bosnia  (1993-2012)

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