A Letter to Sister Noorina, Wherever she is

From Mustafa Ceric, Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia

Dear Noorina,

This letter is long overdue. Sorry, I was scared to write you. Indeed, I was wordless. I was dumb. My whole body was frozen. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t do anything but think of what happened the other day in London. How’re you doing? Are you scared like me? I wanted to tell you not to be scared, but caught myself in an additional fear. I was afraid you would think of me as a hypocrite if I tell you so. And I don’t want to look like a hypocrite. I want to be honest with you. I want to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Indeed, I want to tell you how I feel about Naroon, DeFire; Sharroon, McEvil; and Damoon, El Bloodey. Don’t be confused. I gave them these names as they really represent to my mind the Fire, the Evil and the Blood. They are terrible. They have hijacked your faith and poured it into blood. And mine as well. I thought they couldn’t do this to me. I pretended that I am strong enough not to allow them to do so. But, I have to admit, I was too meek to prevent them from this evil. I am ashamed before you, my Noorina. I am ashamed because I was unable to spare you from bad feelings you have right now. And this is exactly what I wanted to tell you in this letter: you shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. Your faith is clean from their evil. You are Noorina, DeLight, like Malaika, like Angelina… Indeed, you are the Noor, the Light of our faith. And they are their own evil. They crept into our faith… they thieved its Noor, Light, and they made it look like the Nār, the Fire; they corrupted the good of our faith and made it look like the Sharr, the Evil; they twisted the trust of our faith and made it look like the Dam, the Blood. Therefore, I named them DeFire, McEvil and El Bloodey. They don’t belong to us. They belong to the one who was created from the Fire. He is called Demon. I hate him as I hate them who are embarrassing you right now as you are walking on the street of London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Sydney, Manila… with your hijab-veil. But don’t be ignominious by any means. You are the light of this world as you are innocent of their evil and pure in your soul. Be always that way. Don’t change your mind. Be what you are: the Light in the darkness of human mind and the Beacon in the evil of human deed. Don’t listen to what they say about your faith. They are ignorant about your soul and benighted about your mind. Don’t be disappointed by their ignorance. They like their prejudices. They don’t want to see the light of your faith. Instead, they are surveilling the fire in your soul; they are searching to find the devil in your brain. Don’t blame them. DeFire, McEvil and El Bloodey who claim to hold our faith scare them. Tell them though that you are more scared than they are because of them. Tell them, also, that your fear is ceaseless as the acts of terror of these Demons are haunting over our Faith Community. I know that you would have liked to pose some questions to the Demons as to why they are shooting fire against innocent people? Why they are doing this awful evil against common sense? Why they are shedding blood on the European streets? Also, you would have liked to ask them why they are endangering our stay in Europe? Indeed, you would have liked to ask them why they are spreading hatred against our faith and culture in the West? But they are out of your reach because they are possessed by the Devil’s preaching. He, the Devil, is their chief. These ghosts of Devil’s mood don’t speak their mind. They only perform Devil’s sickening goal. Therefore, don’t try to know what they think. They have no mind… they have no soul… they have the poison in their blood… they have the evil thoughts in their hearts… You should focus on your noble work. You are the light against darkness… you are the hope against despair… you are the love of faith… you are the beacon of life… you are the pride of this time…

Dear Noorina, this is what I wanted to tell you as I am like you in the state of soul-searching to find the right way forward in these difficult days for all of us who care about our future in Europe and elsewhere. I know, there are many questions lingering in your mind about who are we and what are we supposed to do to clean our faith from a pollution caused by some irrational and irresponsible people who claim to belong to our faith? Perhaps, this is not right time for all answers to all questions that we have on our mind right now. We need time to comprehend some of these questions in order to find right answers to them. I hope this message will reach you wherever you are. Please, pray for me as I will pray for you in this holly month of Ramadan!

Sincerely yours with warm Salam,
Mustafa Ceric
Grand Mufti Emeritus of Bosnia

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