HOPE Fellows

Elijah’s vision of a Jerusalem in which people of different faiths share their wisdom, pray side-by-side and work together to bring peace and understanding will not be fulfilled by establishing a building or even an integrated interfaith site. It will be accomplished by people, by women and men of vision and wisdom modeling the attitudes and behaviours that we envisage, in time, will spread throughout Jerusalem and from Jerusalem to the entire world.

These ground-breakers are HOPE Fellows .

HOPE Fellows are religious leaders and scholars who will form an interfaith community – between 20 and 30 people at any one time – in Jerusalem, to begin implementing the HOPE vision. They will model sharing wisdom, side-by-side prayer and joint service.

We invite you to nominate a candidate to become a HOPE Fellow, to spend between 3 and 12 months in Jerusalem as part of an interreligious community. Appropriate candidates will be religious leaders or scholars who are passionate and articulate about their own faith tradition and have an openness to sharing wisdom with those of other faiths who are equally committed to their own traditions.

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