— 2.M.1 Christian response by Piotr Sikora

(Response to 2.M.1 On “State” and “Time” – (Hâl and Waqt), presented by Muzaffar Iqbal)

This text resonates very much with my view of spiritual life. My view is a Christian one, informed and inspired by Zen Buddhism also. What I have realized thanks to the encounter with Zen, is that entering spiritual life can be conceived as an event or better a process of becoming attentive and aware of the reality which one can touch only in the present moment. However, the present moment cannot be, as it were, ‘frozen’ and caught up. What we are aware of as present constantly passes by at the very moment we become aware of it. However, in this very moment ‘a new’ is coming.

From the Christian perspective, this experience is to be understood as an encounter with God. As the verse from the Bible (the Book of Revelation) states:

<<“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.>> (Rev 1:8 NRS)

God is Alpha and Omega, i.e. the beginning – the principle, and the end – the goal of each moment, of everything. Encountering reality, we experience Him as One Who is, and Who at this very moment passes (was), and at the same time Who is coming (is to come).