Conversion to Faith and Growth in Faith

Prof. Franz Jozef van Beeck, S.J.
Cardinal Cody Professor of Theology
Loyola University, Chicago

Van Beek views the process of conversion as a process of civilization. He illustrates how throughout history, as well as in his personal life, the process of conversion was a process of border crossing. Conversion is a passage between the primitive and the narrow to the wider and deeper. For Van Beek, the Christian believers are divided into three types, which he calls “The Happy Pew”, the “Charismatics” and the “Mystics”. He goes on to describe conversion as a search for one’s self through a search for God.

Van Beek presents a theological argument that is backed by citing Church Fathers as well as personal experiences and feelings. His tone, as well as his delivery, conveys a deep faith in the message of this lecture.