Newsletter – May 2016

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1. The Jewish Encounter with Hinduism – An exclusive interview with Alon Goshen-Gottstein

We are happy to announce a new publication by Alon Goshen-Gottstein of The Jewish Encounter with Hinduism – Wisdom, Spirituality, Identity. The recent publication by Palgrave Macmillan makes available the first full length monograph devoted to Jewish-Hindu relations.

Hinduism has become a vital “other” for Judaism over the past decades. A new relationship, that is not coloured by a history of persecution and competition suggests new parameters for Judaism’s engagement with world religions at large. The book surveys the history of the relationship from historical to contemporary times, from travelers to religious leadership. It analyses high-profile events such as public wig-burning, of wigs made of Indian hair, and the statements of religious leadership acknowledging the validity of both traditions. It explores the potential enrichment for Jewish theology and spirituality, by looking at life stories of Jews who have traveled into Hinduism, what they have received and how this has impacted their identity. It engages the theological challenges of a future-dialogue between Hinduism and Judaism and considers how the present Jewish encounter with Hinduism can be a source of theological and spiritual regeneration.

Wisdom interviewed Goshen-Gottstein for the present edition of our newsletter

Wisdom – Can you state for our readers, in brief, what is the key message of your book
Alon – It is that Hinduism is a vital conversation partner. It is a relationship that cannot be ignored. It extends from on the ground contact of travelers to the high profile meetings of religious leaders.

For a list of chapters of The Jewish Encounter with Hinduism, click here

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Wisdom enables us to become mindful of the memories and impressions that condition our response to the world. Wisdom enables to respond to the world, not from the dualism of like and dislike, love and hate, but from a vision of the unity of existence and the seeing of the limitless in all beings. Wisdom frees us from responding to the world on the basis of historically formed memories and enables us to do so on the basis of compassion. – Anantanand Rambachan