Newsletter – January 2017

1. Elijah Leaders respond to Muslim Immigration Restrictions

Some members of the Elijah Board and Academy have responded to the recent restrictions on Muslim immigration into the USA. Please click through for their comments and feel free to respond.

2. Church of Latter Day Saints Hosts Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders

Music is a universal language which transcends religious difference and has always been important to Elijah. Our prayer gatherings, in which people pray according to their own traditions, finish with participants from all faiths sharing a melody. Summer schools include opportunities to hear religious music in performance and as part of prayer.

3. Elijah leaders participate in Parliament on Spirituality

A representative team of Elijah leaders from different faiths shared the core messages of Elijah – Friendship across religions, the importance of sharing wisdom and the discovery of unity in diversity, to attendees of the second parliament on spirituality, that took place after Elijah leaders concluded their meeting. The following video captures the friendship and wisdom of Elijah leaders. It demonstrates how close friendship and partnership, over the course of many years, build a unique bond between leaders of different faiths. This testimony was moving to the audience and remains an ongoing message and invitation of Elijah to religious leaders and communities worldwide. Click here to watch the video.

4. Prayers for Aleppo

Several weeks ago we issued a request for prayers for Syrian citizens in Aleppo. We did not imagine at the time that close to a thousand nuns in over a dozen countries would respond to the call and integrate it into their prayers. We did not imagine that Jewish religious leaders would incorporate this into their synagogue routines. In fact, we did not recognize how much our readers care, and how closely our readers are following us. We realize we need to know more about how our messages and requests are being received, so we can plan better for the future. In this spirit, we’d be grateful if you could share with us if and how you have responded to the call to prayer for Aleppo. Kindly let us know by dropping us a line at

5. Scholar to Street

One of the main points under consideration in Salt Lake City meeting was the move from “Scholar to Street”, bringing Elijah’s leaders’ and scholars’ message to religious communities. We are presently planning a learning initiative online, that will allow Elijah leaders to share with communities and will also allow communities to share and engage among themselves, in response and dialogue. We would be grateful to have indications of interest by study groups, interfaith councils, university courses and other friends of Elijah. If you would be so kind as to let us know of your potential interest, we will try to follow up and include you in our planning for “learning with Elijah”. Please send your responses to


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Wisdom enables us to become mindful of the memories and impressions that condition our response to the world. Wisdom enables to respond to the world, not from the dualism of like and dislike, love and hate, but from a vision of the unity of existence and the seeing of the limitless in all beings. Wisdom frees us from responding to the world on the basis of historically formed memories and enables us to do so on the basis of compassion. – Anantanand Rambachan