Leaders’ Statements

Members of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders and the Elijah Academy have addressed a selection of controversial issues of global concern and with significance across faiths. Click on any category below in order to see corresponding statements.

Addressing Economic and Social Issues
Ecology and the Environment

GIWA Concept Statement (October, 2013)

Toward Rio – Statement on Ecology (June, 2012)

In November, 2013, at a ceremony in Jordan, Elijah became a signatory to the Covenant on the Jordan River. Covenant on the Jordan River (2013)

Elijah Principles of Faith

– We believe that the great religions of the world can be powerful forces for peace.
– We believe that the world’s great religions are the receptacles of deep and ancient wisdom that can benefit today’s humanity.
– We believe that sharing the wisdom of the world’s religions can be a way to foster mutual respect and friendship between people of different faiths.
– We believe that we are all enriched by sharing the wisdom of the great religious traditions – that learning about the religious Other helps us better understand our own faith.
– We believe that the greatest role-models of each religious tradition, the ‘religious geniuses’, can inspire and transform all people of all faiths and have important messages for all of us.
– We believe in the power of prayer and that people of different faiths praying side-by-side is a way of changing the world. It is more than a symbol; it is a joining of spiritual forces.
– We believe that Jerusalem (Al-Quds) is a sacred city with the potential to become a haven of peace and a symbol of peace. We believe that the words of the prophets will be fulfilled, with Jerusalem becoming a “house of prayer” for all of humanity.

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