How is Elijah Different?

There are many organizations of goodwill, devoted to increasing understanding between religions. All of them do important work. Elijah has achieved recognition as a path breaker in the field of interfaith education. It seeks to share that path with others and to serve other organizations.

Elijah is unique in the following ways:

Elijah focuses not only upon the Abrahamic faiths, but upon all of the major faith traditions.

Elijah approaches interfaith work from an academic platform, while integrating the spiritual and academic dimensions in its programs and activities.

Elijah’s approach to social change is a top-down approach, starting with the heads of religions, continuing with scholars and reaching the community at large.

Elijah offers a holistic, coordinated, multi-leveled approach to interfaith work, through its unique structures and the synergy created between them.

Elijah has created powerful structures by means of which sustained work can take place for decades to come.

Elijah is an international organization, planted in different territories.

Elijah draws on the appeal of Jerusalem, as a symbol of its future vision.

Elijah is not owned by any particular religion, but is a genuine collaboration of the different traditions.

Elijah is not an advocacy organization, or an organization devoted to a particular cause or social issue. It approaches religion from within, tackling the issues that are at the heart of religion and the concerns of its leadership and practitioners.

Elijah has an extensive network of academic institutions, scholars, and religious and community organizations with which it partners, thereby enriching its resources and enhancing its power of dissemination.

Elijah’s qualities are related to the person of its founder, Rabbi Dr. Alon Goshen-Gottstein, an accomplished scholar of religion and a deeply spiritual and dialogical person. The gifts he brings to the enterprise have are reflected in its uniqueness.

Rabbi Dr. Goshen-Gottstein’s bio

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