Our Vision & Our Mission

Elijah’s vision is embodied in its slogan ‘Sharing Wisdom, Fostering Peace’.


Elijah seeks to create a community of religious leaders, scholars and practitioners from all faiths, who are inspired to find novel ways of sharing the wisdom of their traditions with each other and to create bridges between faith and society.

Elijah recognises the power of sharing wisdom, revealed in its many forms, to foster mutual appreciation, respect, deep friendship and peace between religious communities. We see the creation of the Center of HOPE in Jerusalem as an expression of the power of religion to be a force for peace and harmony.

The figure of Elijah is recognized and venerated in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions. His image is as an ever-present teacher, spiritual guide, harbinger of peace, and precursor of a better world to come. The Elijah Interfaith Institute builds on all these elements – teaching and learning, the spiritual life, fostering peace and inspiring hope.

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