Peace: Bishop John Barros

Messages of Peace


International Peace Day 2014

Bishop John Barros

Can you share a prayer with us?

“We ask that the Lord lead us and guide us and may we be given much wisdom and charity and peace of heart so that we can be instruments of the Lord’s peace.”

When you hear the word peace what comes to mind?

“The Biblical New Testament scene of Pentecost where the tunnels of flame descend upon the Apostles and Mary, those tunnels of flame which purify our hearts, which launch our hearts in charity and which help us to be contemplatives, people who pray at a deep a powerful level. It’s that deep prayer, not a superficial prayer, but a deep prayer that enables us to discern peace in our own relationships, our own community and globally.”

What is your prayer for Jerusalem?

“Any time that we turn our eyes to earthly Jerusalem, we at the same time turn our eyes to the heavenly Jerusalem, so that burning desire for eternal life is so much a part of our love for Jerusalem. And so we pray for a deep peace, a deep harmony, in every sense, for Jerusalem”