Prayer and Meditation

Peace: Rabbi Mordechai Zeller (2014)

Peace: Bishop Jechim Tabulo Marcutzo (2014)

Peace: Bishop John Barros (2014)

Peace: Bishop Howard Hobert (2014)

Peace: Rabbi Yossi Slotnik (2014)

Peace: Imam Abdel Sallam (2014)

Peace: Imam Khaled Abu Ras (2014)

Prayer – Through the Lens of Religious Genius (June, 2013)

Prayer: Our Prayers – Reflections from the Kumbh Mela (March, 2013)

Prayer: Figure of Reconciliation (2010)

Prayer: Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein at Lourdes (2009)

Basic Forms of Buddhist Meditation by Evgeny Tortchinov (1999)

St. Augustine on Mystical Prayer by Harvey Egan (1999)

The Dark Night of the Soul by Harvey Egan (1999)

Sufi Mystical Approaches by Jamal Elias (1999)

Prayer and Conciousness by Meir Sendor (1999)

Opposition to Kabbalistic Prayer by Meir Sendor (1999)

Kabbalistic Prayers for Healing by Meir Sendor (1999)

Intention in Jewish Mystical Prayer by Meir Sendor (1999)

The Way of Devotion in Hinduism by Neelima Shukla-Bhatt (1999)

Mystical Prayer: Comparative Overview by Group (1999)

The question of God and Auschwitz (1999)

Mystical Prayer: Comparative Overview by Group (1999)