The Fifth Bi-Annual Meeting of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders (March 2012)

Guidelines on Interreligious Friendship (March, 2012)

Interfaith Friendship: insights from the Sikh tradition (March, 2012)

Sikh Perspective on Friendship: Inside View (March, 2012)

Understanding Jewish Friendship, Extending Friendship Beyond Judaism (March, 2012)

Very Two as Very One: A Response to Understanding Jewish Friendship (March, 2012)

A Christian Perspective on Interreligious Friendship (March, 2012)

The Sacramentality of Inter-religious Friendship (March, 2012)

“Love Speaking to Love”: Friendship Across Religious Traditions (March, 2012)

Friendship Across Traditions: Buddhist Perspectives (March, 2012)

Toward a Muslim Theology of Interreligious Friendship (March, 2012)

Elijah at “Encounter” on ABC Australia Radio by Alon Goshen-Gottstein (2009)

Religion’s Imperative to Present the Other Faithfully, Part 1 by Group (2009)

Religion’s Imperative to Present the Other Faithfully, Part 2 by Group (2009)

Gandhi on Jesus by Harvey Cox (2000)

Multiple Religious Identities, Jewish-Christian Communities by Brenda Brasher (2000)

Messianic Jews by Harvey Cox (2000)

The Mystic Parts 1 & 2 by Father Benedict, Sheikh Abdelsalam Mennasrah and Rabbi David Seidenberg (1999)

Mystical Prayer: Comparative Overview by Group (1999)