Wisdom Newsletter | August 2018

Advancing the Work of “Make Friends”


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Reader of our “Wisdom” newsletter have shared our joy and pride in the “Make Friends” initiative, that has had e reach of over 100 million people globally. We have shared messages from the campaign every month, in the Friendship Corner of our newsletter.



We are delighted to announce a new partnership that will allow us to continue the work of the “Make Friends” initiative. Elijah is partnering with Dlyted.com to help advance the “Make Friends” initiative as a three way partnership between Elijah, Dlyted and de readers of Wisdom and members of our network. Through this initiative we seek to:


  • Produce more inspiring content of the highest order, to inspire people of faith and interfaith.
  • Broaden the network of affiliated religious leaders who follow our principles of “Sharing Wisdom-Fostering Peace”.
  • Create opportunities, teachings and tools for broader public to follow the example of the religious leaders in sharing wisdom, friendship and inspiration across religions.




The new partnership allows us to turn to our readers with the message






Dlyted is a platform for buying shopping cards of hundreds of major brands, including some that you surely use – Amazon, Starbucks, Target and more and more.

When you buy these shopping cards, up to 30% of the value of the card goes to supporting our work. You get to use 100% of the value of the card for your ongoing shopping. So:




Please go to our Cause-page:



Invest just a couple of minutes in signing up and then in less than a minute you can support Elijah and its “Make Friends” initiative on a daily basis, at no cost to you.




From the “Make Friends” Campaign:



1. Interview with the Dalai Lama






2. Interview with Pope Francis and Rabbi Skorka