Message from BK Jayanti, Director, Brahma Kumaris UK

Message from BK Jayanti, Director, Brahma Kumaris UK
on the recent terrorist attack in London

We wish to express our deepest sympathy for those affected by the terrorist attack in London on Wednesday 22nd March.

The strength of the City of London is the solidarity that is expressed between religious communities and between people of all cultures. London has opened its heart to people from across the globe and will continue to do so. Solidarity comes from a deep commitment to faith in the original goodness of each human soul and to the values that we share. Solidarity goes deeper than words; it is a solidarity of the heart which expresses itself in many ways. True solidarity comes from the understanding that we are one family of humanity and that we belong to One Supreme. This awareness allows a feeling of belonging to grow and is our greatest protection against prejudice and violence.

At the Vigil held at Trafalgar Square on 23rd March, people of several faiths came together to show their respect for each other with peace. They expressed their compassion for those who are victims of violence and also for those influenced by extremist ideologies.

We invite you to join us in spending some time in silence, each day, wherever you are, to contribute to such an atmosphere in the world.

Om shanti – I, the soul, am a being of peace

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